Why Care Fertility

Personalised care

Having fertility treatment is a major decision and we understand you want the best treatment. At Care Fertility we treat every patient as a person, not just a number. We provide individualised treatment to you as a couple, where your treatment will be tailored to your unique circumstances. At Care Fertility we care.

When you first come to Care Fertility you will see your fertility doctor, who you will see every time you come to Care Fertility and will be your doctor throughout your whole experience.

Our latest technology

At Care Fertility we think it is important to have up to date technology to ensure the best result possible. We have been early adopters of new technology like vitrification, time lapse imaging, use of IMSI and sperm selection. Our commitment is to be up to date and sometimes this is with encouraging participation in research trials.

Everything in the vicinity

When going through treatment it can be frustrating to visit different medical facilities for different tests or to see different specialists. That's why at Care Fertility centres you can have tests and see different specialists, have your procedures done within close proximity.

We are here to help

At Care Fertility we have a caring, supportive and experienced team who will help you through every step of your journey. We have ongoing support through our experienced nursing, counselling and medical staff.

5 Facts About Care Fertility

  1. Patients with complicated fertility problems are preferentially referred to us due to our ability to succeed.
  2. At Care Fertility we have a vast amount of different IVF treatments, which is why we classify our treatments by standard (which most IVF clinics provide) and specialised treatments.

  3. We invest in clinical research trials and GP education sessions and are committed to contributing to future improvements in IVF and the prevention of infertility.

  4. Our Medical Director is one of only four specialists in Queensland to hold the qualification of a Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) and has over twenty years of experience in treating complex cases of infertility.

  5. We are independently owned and operated and can focus on personalising our treatments and management plan for each couple's needs.