Are you trying to conceive and planning to have an IVF cycle, are between 21 - 40 years of age and are on your first, second or third IVF cycle? You might be eligible to participate in the STREAM study.

The aim of the trial is to determine if lowering the amount of FSH hormone will impact the number of eggs forming genetically normal blastocyst.

Participating in the study means you won’t need to pay for preimplantation genetic testing.

How the study works

  • One of two groups receiving a higher and lower dose of FSH hormone (300 international units and 150 international units). This is determined by randomisation (like the flip of a coin) and cannot be chosen by the participant.
  • The eggs collected will be fertilised and the embryos grown for six days as usual, to the blastocyst stage.
  • All embryos that are created will be tested by biopsy (sampling a small part of the embryo which goes on to form the placenta)
  • Participants will not be charged for the genetic testing of their embryos (often called PGS or preimplantation genetic screening).
  • All participants will have embryos frozen 5-6 days after the egg retrieval and will then undergo a frozen embryo transfer.
  • Every patient will receive the same standard of care that would usually be given during a fully stimulated and frozen embryo transfer cycle and the only difference between the two groups will be the amount of FSH given to stimulate the ovaries.

If you would like more information about this study please contact us.

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