Donor and surrogacy

Surrogacy (also called gestational carriage) is the process when a woman carries a baby from embryo stage to birth for another couple (who are often called the commissioning couple).   

Surrogacy in Queensland

Legislation in Queensland stipulates requirements for counselling and formal legal arrangements.  To adhere to the Queensland legislation, screening of the gestational carrier is essential to ensure that she is physically, medically and emotionally suitable to be a gestational carrier. It’s also important to engage the family of the gestational carrier to ensure that there is appropriate support for the gestational carrier during her pregnancy and at the time of the birth. 

Transfer of parentage to the commissioning couple occurs after the birth and is legislated in Queensland. 

What needs to be discussed when planning a surrogacy?

When planning a surrogate arrangement discussions about dealing with miscarriage, abnormality in the baby, termination of pregnancy and the birth need to occur between all the parties.

Does Care Fertility perform traditional surrogacy?

No, Care Fertility does not perform traditional surrogacy where the woman carrying the pregnancy is also the genetic mother of the baby (the woman carrying the pregnancy is also the oocyte (egg) donor). 

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