Fertility and preservation

Sperm freezing is a procedure which allows you to preserve your fertility.

This procedure is suited if you’re undergoing cancer treatments, have medical conditions that are likely to affect your fertility or if you wish to preserve your fertility for personal reasons.

What is the success rates?

Thawing sperm reduces its quality and usually fertility treatments such as IVF or ICSI are needed. Intrauterine insemination can occur but generally used large amounts of stored sperm and has a success rate of 10% per cycle. Success rates are higher if the woman is younger.

Do I need to do any tests before getting my sperm frozen?

Yes, prior to sperm freezing you have to have a blood test for infection (hepatitis, syphilis and HIV/AIDS).

Are there any risks?

No, long term effects on the children born after sperm freezing are reassuring and don’t suggest an increased birth abnormality from the freezing process.


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