At Care Fertility we believe not everyone needs IVF to conceive a baby, that’s why we tailor every treatment with every patient. We offer a range of treatments, including early tests to help couples conceive a baby. The costs for each treatment or test varies, however Medicare rebates, the extended Medicare Safety net and Private Health cover assist with the cost of your treatment and tests. 

With your appointment with a Care Fertility doctor will discuss which treatments and tests are recommended for you and will explain the costs.

Below are a list of treatments covered by Medicare and out of pocket expenses.

Test or Treatment Out of Pocket expense (if Medicare Safety Net reached)
First IVF treatment $2050
Subsequent IVF treatment $1630
ICSI (sperm injection on the eggs) $400
Frozen Embryo Transfer $1530
Semen prep for IUI $180 - $230


Price and rebates subject to change. Information prepared according to MBS Schedule 1 July 2018.

For the cost of other fertility treatments, contact Care Fertility.

Accessing your Superannuation for Treatment

Having treatment can be not only mentally stressful, but also financially stressful. It’s possible to access your superannuation for compassionate reasons, including medical treatment. Visit the Australian Taxation Office website to learn more and complete this form and return to your Care Fertility doctor.

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