To ensure the embryo is inserted within the cavity of the uterus, Care Fertility perform all embryo transfers with ultrasound control. To be able to do the embryo transfer, the woman needs to have a full bladder to allow the embryo transfer to be seen and therefore effectively inserted within the cavity of the uterus. 

Who performs the transfer?

One of our Care Fertility staff will perform the ultrasound examination. There’ll be a screen, so you and your partner can see the ultrasound.

Are there any other alternatives for transferring embryos?

Very occasionally it is necessary to perform a transfer under general anaesthetic. As embryos have to be moved from the incubator to theatre for this it is not desirable.

Are there any risks involved?

There is mild discomfort only during some embryo transfers related to the full bladder. The risk of infection after embryo transfer is very low. Occasionally very light vaginal bleeding may occur.

Embryo transfer under ultrasound control

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