ERPeak is a test that helps identify the optimal time to transfer an embryo to the endometrium during IVF, also known as the window of implantation. Usually, the window of implantation is 5 days after progesterone, however, for some people, it could be earlier or after 5 days.

What does the test involve?

An endometrial biopsy is taken and measures the expression of the relevant hormone-regulated genes, which will show when’s the best time to transfer the embryo. The endometrial biopsy is performed generally when the woman is awake and is very similar to an embryo transfer (though the tube used to take the sample is slightly larger). Sometimes the sample is taken at the time of a hysteroscopy for which the woman is often asleep.

Who is it best suited for?

The test is considered if you have recurrent implantation failure (transfer of three top-quality embryos). The test can help identify when is the best time for the embryo to be transferred.


Watch the video to learn more about ERPeak.

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