Since 1947 we have made many new chemicals - plastics, fire retardants, cosmetics and so on. Many of these chemicals we now know influence reproduction, these are classified as endocrine disruptors.

We now know that reducing exposure to endocrine disruptors can help the success of an IVF cycle (it is not yet proven for infertility in general – but watch this space!). So if you do want to reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors here’s some things you may wish to try.

  • Avoid exposure to car exhaust
  • Avoid thermal receipts
  • Avoid consuming food and drink wrapped in plastic
  • Avoid pesticide exposure
  • Eat organic food 
  • Avoid hand sanitisers/creams
  • Avoid cosmetics
  • Avoid excessive exposure to cleaning products
  • Avoid exposure to newly applied paint
  • Avoid cigarette smoke
  • Avoid old furniture/computers (flame retardants)
  • Avoid sunscreen
  • Choose triclorsan free toothpaste

If you're still unsure of what you should or shouldn't do during an IVF cycle, speak to your doctor. 

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