The uterus is normally shaped similar to a pear. However, it’s common for women to have an unusually shaped uterus which results from development. An arcuate uterus is one type of abnormality, where there is an indentation at the top of the uterus.

An arcuate uterus is the most common form of abnormality and is different to a septate uterus. 

can a arcuate uterus affect pregnancyThere is evidence that having an arcuate uterus will not affect your chances of getting pregnant andwill not increase the chance of having a miscarriage when chromosomally normal embryos are transferred following an IVF cycle.

How do you know if you have an arcuate uterus?

A high-quality ultrasound scan with good three dimensional is required to diagnose arcuate uterus. However, as there are no symptoms so having an arcuate uterus is diagnosed during routine infertility tests.

What to do if you are offered surgery for your arcuate uterus?

Having surgery is not required when you have an arcuate uterus as there are no disadvantages of having an arcuate uterus. 

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