One of the common causes of male infertility is a low sperm count. If you or your partner have had a semen analysis and the sperm count is low, make sure you ask your fertility specialist to check for a varicocele.

Is ICSI more successful than IVF?

At Care Fertility we are often asked if ICSI is more successful than IVF. To put it simply, it depends. 

When having IVF treatment there are a range of add on treatments available which are aimed at increasing the chance of conceiving with IVF. Having acupuncture during IVF is an add on that is gaining more awareness. To understand if having acupuncture during IVF has any effect, Care Fertility joined with other researchers to perform a clinical trial. 

Over the years, there have been conflicting views about how lifestyle choices affect fertility and IVF treatment. Dr Clare Boothroyd attended a conference where research was presented about how lifestyle choices can affect fertility and even IVF treatment.

There has been many theories about if Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a cause of infertility. Dr Clare Boothroyd shares her thoughts on PCOS and fertility in this short video.

“Add-ons” have attracted attention lately as international authorities have made announcements about restricting access to “add-ons”.

Effects of the contraceptive pill

One of the common questions we are asked when going through IVF is ‘can the embryo fall out after transferred’? To put it simply, no and here’s why.

Effects of the contraceptive pill

The contraceptive pill is very common in Australia and we are always asked of the effects of taking the pill when trying to fall pregnant. Dr Clare Boothroyd talks about the effects of the contraception pill in this short video.

Since 1947 we have made many new chemicals - plastics, fire retardants, cosmetics and so on. Many of these chemicals we now know influence reproduction, these are classified as endocrine disruptors.

ow to get pregnant after a vasectomy

It’s quite common for a male to have a vasectomy and later down the track a couple decide they would like a child. In these instances, there are two options - one is a have vasectomy reversal and the other is IVF with ICSI.

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