“Add-ons” have attracted attention lately as international authorities have made announcements about restricting access to “add-ons”.

Effects of the contraceptive pill

One of the common questions we are asked when going through IVF is ‘can the embryo fall out after transferred’? To put it simply, no and here’s why.

Effects of the contraceptive pill

The contraceptive pill is very common in Australia and we are always asked of the effects of taking the pill when trying to fall pregnant. Dr Clare Boothroyd talks about the effects of the contraception pill in this short video.

Since 1947 we have made many new chemicals - plastics, fire retardants, cosmetics and so on. Many of these chemicals we now know influence reproduction, these are classified as endocrine disruptors.

ow to get pregnant after a vasectomy

It’s quite common for a male to have a vasectomy and later down the track a couple decide they would like a child. In these instances, there are two options - one is a have vasectomy reversal and the other is IVF with ICSI.

Common Fertility Questions

In this video Dr Clare Boothroyd discusses the best age to have a baby, how the changes in society are affecting our chances of having a baby, effects on our fertility when taking the pill and AMH test.

Causes of infertility in Australia

Ever wanted to know what the common cause of infertility is in Australia? Dr Clare Boothroyd briefly talks and explains this topic in a short video. 


Turmeric and Fertility

Turmeric is currently being named a ‘super food’ and used in almost everything (even in lattes). Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric, which commonly known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. We look into if Turmeric affects your fertility or trying to conceive. 

Common questions about egg freezing in Australia

With more and more couples trying to conceiving at an older age, fertility preservation is becoming more common. Women are increasingly choosing to freeze and store their eggs because it is known that the chance of a live birth reduces greatly when the eggs are obtained from an older women. 

Endometrial Scratch

Endometrial scratch is a procedure that is performed before IVF. It involves grazing the tissue of the womb, when taking a tissue biopsy and can be quite painful and invasive. It had been thought for years that endometrial scratch would increase IVF success rates. However, a recent study has finally ended the uncertainty. 

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