Getting help


Anyone who is having a treatment cycle to help conception of a pregnancy or to preserve fertility is required to register with Care Fertility. To save time on the day of your first appointment with Care Fertility, you'll need to complete the registration form which includes your medical history, address, date of birth, Medicare number and private health insurance details.

You may chose to download this and complete this in advance. You can send this in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will need to bring photograph identification to your first registration appointment with Care Fertility.

After registration we will need to take your photograph for identification. There is a cost incurred with registration. Your first registration will entitle you to membership of ACCESS (the national patient support group). Registration is updated annually to ensure accuracy and incurs a cost. This is particularly important if you have embryos or other samples stored with us.

Screening bloods

Both partners need to have blood tests. These blood tests are for diseases such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C and the AIDS virus (HIV or human immunodeficiency virus) and syphilis. These are updated each year.

It is possible to get genetic tests to determine if either partner carries some of the genes which may affect the health of any children. Genetic tests are not funded by Medicare and are optional.


You will be given some information sheets, which will describe the chance of success, possible side-effects and long term risks of each treatment. It's important to read and understand these information sheets before you sign any consent forms. If there's anything you don't understand or have a question about, write down it down so you can ask your doctor or the nurses of Care Fertility.

Interview with Care Fertility nursing staff

Before you start the treatment cycle you will need to have an interview with the nursing staff of Care Fertility. The purpose of this appointment is to ensure that:

  • your lifestyle is optimal for conceiving a pregnancy
  • all necessary preparatory tests have been performed
  • you understand what is planned
  • if drugs are to be given, you understand how and when to take the medication.

Collection of prescription medication from the pharmacy

Medications for your treatment cycle can be dispensed by the pharmacy recommended by Care Fertility. If you wish to use a different pharmacy, ensure that the prescriptions are submitted well in advance of when you will need them as many community pharmacies do not hold drugs used for fertility treatment routinely. 

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