GM-CSF (granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor), also known as Embryo Gen, is an additive to embryo culture media. Embryos are cultured in a nutrient solution made by Origio which contains a genetically engineered form of GM-CSF made from yeast culture system from fertilisation until day 3 of development.

What is the success rate of using GM-CSF?

GM-CSF has been used in over a thousand couple cycles and has shown an increase in live birth rate compared to couples who used standard culture media. Birth abnormalities were not significantly higher in the babies which resulted from the use of culture media containing GM-CSF. Benefit beyond day 3 of culture has not yet been demonstrated.

What are the potential risks?

The risks of this procedure relate to the fact that it has only been studied recently and less than 500 babies have resulted from its use. None of these children have been followed in early childhood, later childhood and adult life. There have been no long-term adverse effects on the mother sought or reported.

What are the costs?

To use Origio GM-CSF incurs extra cost. Contact us for the current price.

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