Fertility and preservation

Egg freezing is a procedure which allows you to preserve your fertility.

The procedure is suited if you’re undergoing cancer treatments, have medical conditions that are likely to affect your fertility or if you want the opportunity to have fertility treatment at a later day.

What is the success rates when using frozen eggs?

This is a relatively new procedure and success rates are often difficult to predict. Success rates are higher if the woman is younger.

What is the procedure of freezing eggs?

  1. You need blood tests for infection (hepatitis, syphilis and HIV/AIDS) before freezing of your eggs
  2. You will give yourself a number of injections to stimulate growth of eggs in the ovaries
  3. Your eggs are then collected during a procedure requiring a general anaesthetic and are frozen.
  4. When you are ready to use your frozen eggs they are warmed and injected with the sperm of your partner (ICSI).


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