A clinical trial that is currently being performed at Care Fertility, has recently achieved its first ongoing pregnancy which is now past thirty weeks.

The platelet rich plasma (PRP) trial is aimed at females where the lining of their uterus is thin because of a past injury to the lining, for example after curettage or with adenomyosis. 

Though having a thin uterus lining is an uncommon cause of infertility, it can be difficult to treat. Embryos often do not implant into a thin endometrium and if they do, miscarriage is common. 

Platelet rich plasma is thought to have stem cells that help to repopulate the thin endometrium with new cells which result in a thicker lining, more implantations, and less miscarriages. This has not however been proven. Dr Clare Boothroyd, Medical Director of Care Fertility says “This is a great result for the clinical trial, but more research and trials are needed”. 

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