Most of us have time off around the Christmas and New Year period. Usually it’s a time where we unwind, and relax with family and friends. We look into how the Christmas break can affect your fertility. 


Not only can work often be stressful, but trying to conceive can also be stressful. Though there are is no evidence that stress contributes significantly to ongoing infertility, if the couple have regular sexual intercourse. 


Having a healthy diet is important for fertility in males and females. Over the Christmas period people tend to not eat as healthily as  they usually do. If you’re trying to conceive this Christmas remember to still eat healthy foods  and avoid excessive intake.   


Drinking alcohol can affect both  male and female fertility. Even low levels of alcohol consumption can reduce spontaneous conception. To help improve your fertility this holiday season, it is advised that  females should avoid alcohol and males to have a very low consumption of alcohol (maximum 2 drinks a day).

Taking all these recommendation  into consideration might help improve your natural fertility over the Christmas break. 


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