One of the common questions we are asked when going through IVF is ‘can the embryo fall out after transferred’? To put it simply, no and here’s why.

An embryo is very tiny and the transfer process to the uterus is done with great caution by your specialist. The embryo is being transferred to the uterus which is a muscular organ, so in its natural state, it will stay contracted and tight. Your uterine lining needs to be thick enough for the walls to touch in the middle, your doctor will discuss if this is could be an issue for you. If your uterine lining is not thick enough, Care Fertility will not perform an embryo transfer.

When the embryo is transferred, it is inserted between the uterine walls, the muscles contract and secures the embryo. The embryo then buries itself into the lining and begins to grow.

Embryo transfers at Care Fertility, are all performed under ultrasound and with a full bladder, as this makes it easy to see on the ultrasound and therefore can be inserted easily into the cavity of the uterus.

After the embryo has been transferred and inserted between the uterine walls, it’s not possible for the embryo to fall out as it is deep within the uterus and therefore you can safely continue with your normal routine after having an embryo transfer.

Learn more about how embryos are transferred here.


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