When having IVF treatment there is a range of add on treatments available which are aimed at increasing the chance of conceiving with IVF. Having acupuncture during IVF is an add on that is gaining more awareness. To understand if having acupuncture during IVF has any effect, Care Fertility joined with other researchers to perform a clinical trial. 

Acupuncture during IVFThe trial included females between the ages of 18 and 42 who were having IVF and frozen embryo transfer cycles. Acupuncture was performed once during the injection phase of the IVF treatment and immediately before and immediately after the embryo transfer. It was a randomised trial where women either had real acupuncture (real needles in the correct location) or sham acupuncture (retractile needles and wrong location). The clinical trial showed no benefit of having acupuncture during IVF and embryo transfer cycles. 

Some people believe acupuncture is beneficial for other reasons, such as stress management, which can be used during an IVF cycle, but will not improve the chance of achieving a pregnancy. This trial did not investigate the use of Chinese herbal supplements which should be avoided until evidence is available.

Speak to your Care Fertility doctor before starting alternative methods to improve your chance of falling pregnant. 

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