Why Care Fertility

At Care Fertility we pride ourselves on providing quality care. Below is a list of four areas that align with how we are committed to patient safety. 

1. Clinical Risk Management (making sure our services are safe and minimise risk of error)

  • Our culture requires staff to report incidents, risks, and near misses;
  • Our policies outline the process for assessing and investigating incidents;
  • Our clinical policies are developed in accordance with evidence-based best practice;
  • Clinical, risk and safety policies are reviewed on a regular basis and updated as required;

2. Clinical Effectiveness (making sure that the clinical services we provide are effective)

  • Quality Indicators are used to measure and monitor performance;
  • Quality Indicators are benchmarked against national standards;
  • Serious clinical incidents are reported and investigated;
  • Audits are performed on a regular and continuous basis;
  • All facilities where procedures are performed under general anaesthetic are fully accredited (even where it is not required by regulation).

3. Effective Workforce (making sure our staff are competent and up-to-date)

  • All existing and new medical and allied health personnel have appropriate qualifications and meet standards for ongoing professional development;
  • Our staff are offered targeted education
  • Our staff have regular competency assessments
  • Staff are orientated and updated on quality and risk systems.

4. Consumer Participation (involving our patients and carers in their care)

  • Consumer complaints and feedback processes are managed in a timely way;
  • We regularly seed and value consumer feedback
  • We periodically conduct surveys to inform strategic and business planning;
  • Consumers participate and partner in improving patient experiences and health outcomes;
  • Health and safety performance is publicly available on the hospital website; and
  • Open disclosure between clinicians and consumers is actively promoted when things don’t go to plan.

To provide you with the best possible care, we adhere to and hold various accreditations. These accreditations are:

Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) of the Fertility Society of Australia. RTAC has developed a Code of Practice for complying units offering services in Assisted Reproductive Technology. This Code of Practice, which is adhered to by Care Fertility is available at https://www.fertilitysociety.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017-RTAC-ANZ-COP-FINAL-1.pdf The accreditation visits are annual.

National Association of testing Authorities (NATA) conducts mandatory accreditation to ensure an organisation is competent to perform specific types of testing. Semen analysis is NATA accredited at Care Fertility Greenslopes. To learn more about NATA visit https://www.nata.com.au/nata/

Care Fertility procedures are undertaken in facilities that are accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. Unlike some other units in Queensland, all egg collections are performed in the accredited theatres of Greenslopes Private Hospital. This ensures that your safety is protected at all times. Care Fertility Greenslopes is also an accredited day surgery (where sperm retrievals and embryo transfers are conducted).

Care Fertility strives to provide a better service than industry standards, continuously audits its processes and welcomes any feedback.