PPR Trial for Thin Endometrium 

The endometrium is an important factor in achieving optimal outcomes of assisted reproductive technologies. Women who have a thin endometrium can have poor results of IVF/ICSI cycles and complications can occur when pregnant such as placental implantation abnormalities which may cause miscarriage, bleeding during pregnancy and placenta praevia (low lying placenta over the cervix). These problems may result in preterm birth and require caesarean section.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is widely used in orthopaedic and sports medicine and there is potential that PRP can assist with improving endometrium thickness.

What is the PRP trial?

You have your blood collected by Care Fertility from your arm in the same way as a blood test.  The blood sample is processed by the scientists of Care Fertility and then transferred to your uterus using a fine tube (catheter) via the cervix (generally within two hours).

Who is eligible?

Females who have had a history of cancelled cycles due to thin endometrium and is also persistent and unresponsive to other methods of thickening the endometrium.

What are the risks?

Though risks are uncommon, the known risks are infection (fever, pain, vaginal bleeding) which may require antibiotic therapy and scarring of the uterine cavity.

If you’d like further information contact us for the information sheet or speak to your Care Fertility doctor.

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